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Saturday, October 30, 2010

First Post!

Ok so, I'm really excited to kick-start this thing. I have not had a public blog in over 10 years! I'm thinking this will challenge me, stylistically, and keep me on my toes as a better writer. As I pondered the creation of this wonderful blog, I originally no idea what to write about! Can you believe that?! So, I picked my best subject. My daughter. Every now and again I will more than likely throw in something that happened at work, with friends and their kids or even something totally off-topic.

So as the leaves are starting to turn brown, passing that beautiful orange and yellow stage, we finally fall (pun absolutely intended) on probably one of my most favorite days of the year! October 31st! Halloween! I'm always festive, can get carried away a bit too much at times, but this year will be so awesome. So awesome! Why??! Well, as creative and constructive as I may be, I can never get enough of this stuff, so the total and absolute best part about Halloween now is that I get to fabricate TWO costumes for the next 13+/- years! I could not be more excited about it! Tomorrow will be so much fun. Sean will be home all day from work to enjoy all the festivities! So many pictures are to come, but just to give you a little treat, not a trick, and a sneak peek as to what theme we're going be:

Thanks for reading!
Until next time, be well!