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Monday, November 8, 2010


Oh no! I let an entire week escape me! I'm sorry, dear friends. I really do have good intentions for keeping up with this thing. Bare with me, I've had a sick child.

I should definitely catch you up on Halloween:

Audrey dressed up as a 1950's era chick at a sock-hop. Poodle skirt and sattle shoes courtesy of eBay! The white turtle neck came from Target and the pink capital-letter A from Joann Fabrics which I ironed on.

Sean and I had pretty easy costumes. I wore a pink satin Pink Ladies replica jacket featured in the movie Grease also from eBay with leggings as "peddle pushers" and a black 3/4 length tee. The glasses were purchased at Fantasy Attic Costumes. Sean wore his own "leather" jacket, a white tee, jeans and his ever classic Chuck Taylor tennis shoes. He even let me goop up his hair!

In other news, Audrey is feeling much better. Her runny nose attacks if she cries. Pretty sure she's cutting a tooth somewhere but she won't let me look in her mouth without a fight, which causes tears... which produces snot.

Unrelated, but I have decided to join a Roller Derby team! The team is not taking new recruits until January sadly but on a positive note I can use the next couple months to train myself. I need to skate often and work out. The funnest thing so far is picking my Derby name. I have a pretty hefty list so far and have to pick a top 3 in order of choice. Help me out by listing your favorite in the comments!

Pam Demic
Die Verse
Mel A Noma
Miss Ann Thrope
Pam D Moanium
Bomb Clancy
Marilyn Moanrow
Penelope Penalty
Quarter PoundHer
Loui Ville SlugHer
Peaches N Scream
Rita Hateworth
Cherry Clobber
Clobber T Leigh
Booker T Squashington
Hella Fists-Gerald

Our internet isn't at it's best right now meaning this with be very pictureless. Sorry! I do have a million to post though so brace yourself for my next entry.

EDIT: Here they are!

I'd like to leave you with a Hair Tip Of The Day: With the seasons changing do you find your hair to be exceptionally dry and/or damaged? At a loss with moisturizing products that leave your hair flat? Switch to products intended for curly hair even you don't have curls! Shampoos and conditioners designed for people with curly hair have a TON more moisturizing agents in them since curls tend to dehydrate very easily. Some personal favorites include TIGI Catwalk - Curls Rock and Matrix - Curl Life.

Until next time,
Be well

Monday, November 1, 2010

Sick baby! :(

Have I mentioned how sick Audrey is? Since Saturday morning she has been miserable. And I have been miserable on zero sleep. I took her to the doctors on Saturday and they concluded it's just a virus because her ears looked fine. This child is so mucusy it's disgusting. Good thing I deal with human excrement daily or else Jackass 3D would have been a lot worse on me than it was. The only thing that remotely helps is the nasal aspirator which I've been called the nasal exasperater unknowingly which was pretty hilarious to the on-call nurse whom I called yet again yesterday. It surely does make Audrey feel exasperated; she pretty much screams bloody-murder while I'm doing it and I have to hold her hands with my left hand while the side of my elbow stabilizes her face to the side and my right hand can do the suctioning. This morning all the goop had turned green. I'm thinking I probably took her in to the doctors too early on and she's just now showing signs of infection because on Saturday it was clear. But guilty me, being a first time mom of course I freaked out a little and had to get her seen RIGHTNOW RIGHTNOW RIGHTNOW.

The nurse suggested to steam the shower, put a humidifier* in her room, saline drops with the nasal do-hicky and that's about it. A good friend suggested putting Vicks on her feet and putting socks on over top of it. I bought the Vick's specially formulated for babies so I ended up just rubbing her chest with it but I saw no improvement. She's a tummy-sleeper which, duh, makes it all worse. I have to rock her to sleep while she's sitting up and then lay her on the good ol' Boppy pillow in her crib to prop her up enough. She rolls off of it within 20 minutes every time, poor baby. Poor mommy.

I'm at a lose right now of things to try. I wish she could understand the wonders of the Netty Pot, or at least know how to blow her nose. I really hope she doesn't get me sick. I think this is was the first October that I didn't get a sinus infection in years (knocking on wood). Good thing too! I don't have insurance** anymore as of 2 months postpartum. So, we'll be cooped up inside for a while unless I end up stir crazy, which is bound to happen sooner than later.

Any suggestions??

* - It's actually a fog machine. Most families with kids probably have a humidifier just laying around the house at all times. Not us... we have a fog machine that works just as good AND makes her room look awesome.

** - Thank, state of Michigan, for sucking and taking my insurance away when there are clearly ridiculous amounts of people on Medicaid whom have had it all their pregnancy and thereafter. You really really suck.

Massive Halloween entry to come later.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

First Post!

Ok so, I'm really excited to kick-start this thing. I have not had a public blog in over 10 years! I'm thinking this will challenge me, stylistically, and keep me on my toes as a better writer. As I pondered the creation of this wonderful blog, I originally no idea what to write about! Can you believe that?! So, I picked my best subject. My daughter. Every now and again I will more than likely throw in something that happened at work, with friends and their kids or even something totally off-topic.

So as the leaves are starting to turn brown, passing that beautiful orange and yellow stage, we finally fall (pun absolutely intended) on probably one of my most favorite days of the year! October 31st! Halloween! I'm always festive, can get carried away a bit too much at times, but this year will be so awesome. So awesome! Why??! Well, as creative and constructive as I may be, I can never get enough of this stuff, so the total and absolute best part about Halloween now is that I get to fabricate TWO costumes for the next 13+/- years! I could not be more excited about it! Tomorrow will be so much fun. Sean will be home all day from work to enjoy all the festivities! So many pictures are to come, but just to give you a little treat, not a trick, and a sneak peek as to what theme we're going be:

Thanks for reading!
Until next time, be well!